We Open May 30 – Almost As Usual!

If all was normal, today would have been our opening market.  But, waiting it out has proven fruitful!  Just this week, as we announced that we would be an on-line market (to our shagrin), we were notified by the LLG Health Unit that we are allowed to open as usual, so long as we follow the guidelines presented to us!  What great news.  Now we must get busy planning how to operate keeping everyone’s health a top priority.  We are still restricted in who is able to vend – only produce, meats, honey/maple syrup, baking and veggie transplants are allowed.

Stay tuned for updates!  And we look forward to seeing you at the market!


2 thoughts on “We Open May 30 – Almost As Usual!

    1. Hi there. Thanks for your note. If you know the vendor(s) you would like to contact, just let me know, plus your email address and I can put you in touch with them directly. We are not going to have an on-line store, persay. We will, however, have a list of participating vendors, and their contact info. by Saturday. This is all a bit last minute, but that is due to the last minute ability to open…..bare with us!


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