The English Pie Shop

The English Pie Shop is owned and operated by Madeline Downey. This is Madeline’s second year in business and second year at the Almonte Farmers Market. Madeline grew up as a neighbour to Almonte and has always had a passion for baking ever since she first learnt how to make pasty from her Nana.

At the English Pie Shop we sell delicious homemade savoury pies such as chicken pot pie, steak & mushroom, cheese & vegetable, and we also make sausage rolls. The large pie is great for a family of four and the small size is the perfect meal for a single person.

All of our products come frozen for your convenience. The fillings in all of our pies are pre-cooked, the pastry is NOT baked. The unbaked crust allows for a flakier crust when baked.

Our sausage roll is our appetizer option and they are always great to keep in the freezer for an easy meal on a hot day.