Babycakes Bakery

Alyssa Toshack baked for the family business, The Waterford Tea Room, Almonte for eight years before starting Babycakes Bakery in August 2011. No formal training, just a love and passion for baking passed down by both her grandmothers.

Alyssa is always looking for something new or different to try. If you have a family favourite that you have missed enjoying, she would love to hear about it! After all, its those comforts that we associate with family recipes that tug at our hearts and transport us back in time to our memories of times shared with family and friends.

Here at Babycakes Bakery, we enjoy not only the big things, but the little things in life, and we celebrate them with cake or cookies or pie or anything really! Our greatest honour comes when we are asked to be a part of the little and big things in your life! We love helping making your life a little less stressful so you can enjoy the celebration. If you are looking for us to help with only one thing or all the party food needs, we are here to help from beginning to end. Platters to cookies to cakes!

Hope to see you soon so we can make your life a little bit sweeter!

Farmhouse animals decorated cookies