Welsh Hill Farm

Welsh Hill Farm has been operating on a 170-acre property since 2013 near Smiths Falls in Lanark county. We raise grass fed beef and lamb as well as pastured pork and eggs.

Our beef and lamb are rotated through our pastures during the summer and fall and fed hay in the winter. Our hens and hogs get certified organic feed as well as pasture and woodland. We avoid chemicals whenever possible and practice regenerative farming methods through soil and water conservation as well as improving plant species diversity. Our animals are given the freedom and opportunity to practise their natural instincts and behaviours. For example, we don’t wean our calves or lambs and our pigs get to root around in the woods.

We are a family of seven and all work together on the farm and homestead. We believe that it is healthy and educational for children to spend time outdoors and have animals to care for!

We will have various cuts of grass fed beef available at the market this year as well as bones and organs. We hope to be able to bring some our foraged products to the market as they are available.

Welsh Hill Farm will be at the market on the first Saturday each month.