Earth’s Mirth

Laugh along with the earth and revel in the bounty of fresh local produce, house plants and perennial favourites. Shelagh McGuinty and Heather Hansgen both have large perennial flower and vegetable gardens in the Village of Lanark.

They use crop rotation, companion planting, green manures and use compost to enrich the soil. In the spring, choose from their large selection of heirloom vegetable, herb and annual flower transplants to add to your own garden. Throughout the summer and fall enjoy the vibrant flavours of their salad greens, herbs, vegetables, melons and berries.

They also bring unique houseplants, succulents and perennials throughout the season.

Produce grown by Earth's Mirth

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Shelagh is taking the 2021 season off! We look forward to seeing her next market season!