Indian Creek Orchard

We’re Marisa and Scott, the husband and wife team who farm Indian Creek Orchard Gardens, in Mississippi Mills. We offer you local, freshly harvested, naturally grown, heirloom vegetables and fruit. Indian Creek Orchard Gardens is an organically managed micro farm. We employ a hybrid of regenerative, agroforestry and deep organic farming principles. Our vegetables are sown between rows of fruit trees, bush fruits and aisles of grape vines. We have purposefully left  tracts of our farm wild.

When you walk through the orchard garden, you will find it teeming with life. It is a beautiful interdependent tapestry, and  a thriving ecosystem where diversity is fostered and every facet supports the next. We value what nature brings to the table and attempt to work with it, bringing our intervention to a minimum. We favour low tech, natural, cultural and biological practices over chemical and heavily mechanized ones.

All of this is to say, you will not find healthier, or fresher produce than what we grow for you each week. They are vegetables you and your family can really feel good about eating. 

Marisa and Scott of Indian Orchard Creek Gardens