2 thoughts on “New vendors welcome in 2019

  1. Does your market have seasonal vendors only, or is it possible to rent space for one or two Saturdays? I am a local author and I have published four very successful children’s books and an adult non-fiction book that has sold 4200 copies locally (anneraina.ca).
    I would be interested in having an opportunity to join your market for a few weeks if possible. Coincidentally, I will be doing a presentation on my book, Clara’s Rib, in Almonte on June 6th.
    Is the market indoors or outside?
    I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.


    1. Hi Anne,
      Thanks for your inquiry. We do accept daily and seasonal vendors if there is room. If you were thinking of coming on June 6, we would have space for you. What other Saturday were you thinking? Please read over the information under the ‘apply’ page of the website and if you would like, fill out an application and send it in! If you have any other questions, just ask.
      Thanks, Hilary


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