AFM Needs Your Help on April 13!

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills is looking into the future!  As a part of “MM2048”, there will be a public consultation on April 13, from 2-6pm with presentations from 6-7:30pm at the John Levi Community Centre (aka the arena).  All of us at the Almonte Farmers’ Market hope you can let your councillors know that the farmers market is an important part of the downtown and the greater community!

The Almonte Farmers’ Market has been a venue for the community to gather and to shop for fresh, locally produced farm goods, baking, and locally made crafts since 1990.  It brings country folks and town folks together.  It is a meeting place for old friends and new friends, promoting a sense of community and belonging.  The unique nature of our market is well known, and attracts visitors to beautiful Almonte, also!

Buying directly from farmers supports a vibrant local food system and supports the local economy.  Money spent at the farmers’ market tends to be recirculated to other local businesses, and vise versa.  Food less travelled is an important part of promoting a healthy natural environment, and a simple way to help reduce ones carbon footprint.

It is also a great venue for education!   Learning about how your food is produced, and how to expand your culinary horizons is a fun and delicious way to support your local farmers’ market for all of the wonderful reasons mentioned above! 

So please consider highlighting all of the wonderful reasons why the Almonte Farmers’ Market ought to be prioritized as a part of future plans for downtown Almonte!

One thought on “AFM Needs Your Help on April 13!

  1. The heart of every community, big and small is its Farmer’s Market. The growing popularity of being able to buy local , mostly organic grown food directly from the farmers who produce it is growing in leaps and bounds across the country ( and beyond: Farmer’s Markets are solid tradition around the world,and the vest ones are famous!.) The number of consumers who value locally grown and produced food is growing quickly as the problems associated with importing food that needs to be adulterated to accommodate long storage/travel times. ( This lowers its nutritional value etc). Also there is the worry over the carbon footprint and availability of food coming from far away relative to the climate emergency. Local reliance on good nutritious food that doesn’t destroy the soil but enhances it is essential! The Almonte Farmer’s Market boasts excellent high quality produce and animal products that surpass the quality by a long shot of what’s available from large grocery chains. Besides this its the sense of community a farmers market brings. Shoppers inevitably meet friends and stop to chat. Dogs and kids abound. It’s a weekly treat to look forward to: a completely different experience than a trip to the grocery store. ( which has its place to be sure) . The quickly expanding population of Mississippi Mills is a major factor in making sure our delightful , important and much loved Farmer’s Market continues to thrive!!

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