Our Christmas Market is coming up!

Starting to feel festive??  This is the place to find locally grown farm fresh foods and hand made gifts, friendly faces and festive vibes!  Join us for a hot breakfast or lunch while you get your knifes sharpened!  Try some hot sauces, or try on a new made-in-Almonte dress!  Bring your bags for your fresh produce, locally raised meats, ferments and frozen soups.  We’ll see you there!


One thought on “Our Christmas Market is coming up!

  1. I would like to become a vendor for Christmas market. My crafts include gnomes for various sizes. Hand knitted hats, socks Scandinavian style. Ornament for the tree, clothing for children which I have sew. I do have a lot more things as well all had made. I believe in all things hand made.


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